Senran Kagura Busts Out With 5 New Titles

Yesterday Marvelous and Honey∞Parade Games streamed a showcase in which Kenichiro Takaki presented a number of upcoming Senran Kagura properties. The presumed dating simulator featuring Asuka that we heard about earlier this spring has taken something of a lewder turn, but nothing about that or the following will faze fans of the franchise. The gameplay shown off utilizes the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and has the player massaging a posing Asuka in a variety of ways: working the hands, karate chopping her inner thighs, and using a rolly-thingy just below the glutes. Asuka’s facial cues will help players to gauge the quality of their massage work.

In addition to Reflex, other forthcoming games and products include: Bashou character DLC for Peach Beach Splash (due out today), Peach Ball (a pinball game for the Switch), New Link (a mobile game for Android and iOS), Re:Newal (a remake of the 2012 Burst title) and a short teaser trailer for 7EVEN (expected Q4 2018). The entire presentation is roughly 100 minutes, so if there is any news you found particularly titillating you can find when it aired below at the following time marks while watching the recorded steam here:

  • Peach Beach Splash DLC (PS4) – 21:04
  • Reflex (Switch) – 27:07
  • Peach Ball (Switch) – 36:44
  • New Link (Android/iOS) – Cinematic @ 57: 26 / Game Footage @ 59:18
  • Re:Newal (PS4) – 1:22:04
  • 7EVEN (PS4) – 1:38:42

Image Source: Marvelous

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