Twitch Partners With Crunchyroll for Anime Marathon

by Brandon Takeda

Earlier this week, Twitch announced it would be hosting another one of its famous marathon streams on TwitchPresents. These marathon streams are amazing, community-driven events where people from all corners of the Twitch landscape come to enjoy what the streaming service is broadcasting nonstop for days at a time. Most recently before the premier of the Saban’s Power Rangers movie, Twitch streamed more than 800 episodes of the original TV show that captured our hearts as children. Probably the most famous of all these marathon streams was the 2015 marathon of Bob Ross’ PBS show The Joy of Painting which brought serene joy to the tens of thousands of viewers that came to watch.

So what is on the horizon for the next Twitch Marathon? Well, Twitch has partnered with anime streaming service Crunchyroll to bring five days of anime starting on July 27. Twitch has announced that it will be presenting fifteen titles over the course of the marathon which will be announced on July 21, however they did give us a preview of what’s to come. The three shows that have been announced so far are; Mob Psycho 100, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid), and last year’s smash hit Yuri!!! on ICE. So, get ready fellow weebs. If the rest of the marathon’s line up follow the quality of these announced titles, we are in for a good five days of anime. The marathon kicks off on July 27, 2017 12:30pm EST / 3:30pm PST.

Image Source:  Kyoto Animation / MAPPA / Bones  Inc. 

One thought on “Twitch Partners With Crunchyroll for Anime Marathon

  1. Seems like an odd choice for a marathon stream. Both the Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers marathons were nice because you could jump in at anytime and enjoy whatever episode it was. Seems like more often then not you’ll jump in and be at a random episode of random anime and have no idea what’s going on.

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