Two New Bloodborne Figures On the Way

Too Far Gone | Bloodborne

“Welcome home good hunter, what is it you desire” whispers the soothing voice of the Doll.

As you traverse the darkened streets of Yharnam, fighting all manner of dreadful horrors, it is this calming voice that keeps the nightmares at bay. She awaits for your return in the Hunter’s Dream, and soon she can wait for you in your humble abode. Pre-orders have opened on major websites for a 1/6 scale figure of Bloodborne’s iconic Doll. Manufactured by Gecco, the Doll joins a list of amazing, high quality scale figures including: The Hunter (Bloodborne), Soul of Cinder (Dark Souls III), and Guts (Berserk). Standing at a height of 13.65 inches and with amazing attention to detail, the Doll will become a centerpiece in your collection.  The Doll’s retail price is on the expensive side, coming in at 34,074 yen.

Earlier this month at Anime Expo, Good Smile Company showed off the Figma of Bloodborne’s Hunter. Similar to other Figma, the Hunter will be poseable thanks to the highly articulated joints that the brand is known for. Figma figures are also known for their numerous accessories like weapons and other props. Unlike the Red Figma, the Hunter will likely not have multiple face plates as the characters face is obscured with a bandana. While no price or pre-order date have been mentioned thus far, the Hunter will likely be considerably cheaper than the Doll, keeping in line with other prices in the Figma series. If you love Bloodborne but the Doll is too rich for your blood, the Hunter Figma would be an excellent piece to add to your collection.

Image Source:  Sony Interactive Entertainment

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