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Doomfist Patches Into the PTR

Too Far Gone | Overwatch Doomfist

Earlier this afternoon Overwatch players were treated to a PTR (public test region) patch that uploaded some choice updates, chief among them being the inclusion of the much awaited Doomfist. An offensive brawler, Doomfist sports the gauntlet that has been suspiciously missing from the Numbani escort map for some time now. Along with a variety of beat-downs, Doomfist’s kit includes temporary protective shielding that kicks in when he successfully lands hits. The shields, as detailed by Mr. Kaplan, compliment the intent behind Doomfist acting as an initiator during team fights.

Also included in the PTR patch were a couple quality of life fixes. The previously lackluster highlights feature has been replaced with a newer, beefier version with considerably more utility. Along with automatically generated highlights, players will now have the ability to capture their own choice moments. After assigning the capture function, players can snag the last 12 seconds of game footage whenever they please with a mere keystroke. Both auto-generated highlights and manual captures are fair game to get subsequently recorded and exported for further archival or editing.

Lastly, in the wake of much complaining during the anniversary event, loot boxes are receiving a tune-up of sorts. From here on out duplicate items ought to appear less often. Correspondingly, the amount of credits normally received from boxes will be increased in order to compensate.

Everything detailed above is live at the time of writing, so feel free to boot up the PTR and join the melee. If you want to read the patch notes in full or get the deal on Doomfist straight from the horse’s mouth you can do so at the links provided. Also check out Doomfist’s animated short below!

Image Source: Blizzard

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