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Bioware Teases Development on Dragon Age and Mass Effect

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Despite being full-on into development of their new IP Anthem, Bioware has begun to tease development on their other star properties, starting with Dragon Age. Series Creative Director Mike Laidlaw spoke to The 1099 Podcast, and revealed they were currently working on the series. While not outright announcing the next installment to the series, Laidlaw did note they were hiring lots of people, including gameplay and level design positions. However he was unable to confirm anything more than, “something is happening with Dragon Age.” Development on the next Dragon Age game has long been rumoured, especially since writer Alexis Kennedy confirmed to Eurogamer he was writing for the franchise, but Bioware are keeping their cards close and waiting to officially announce the next title.

Turning to Mass Effect: writers for the series recently hinted that DLC may be in development for Mass Effect Andromeda. Speaking on a twitch stream, writers were asked if DLC was in development and responded that they were unable to discuss future content or projects—however they were able to confirm that there would be upcoming resolutions to a number of story threads left open in Andromeda. Going even further, a writer for the game, Sam Wallschlaeger, tweeted:

“I can’t talk about what I’m working on, but it’s safe to say this is my favorite thing I’ve ever written. #secrets”

It is very possible DLC is currently in development to tie up the loose ends from Andromeda. However, with development on the series being put on hold and staff from Bioware Montréal reassigned, it is also possible we may see this content formalize in a different medium.

Image Source: Bioware

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