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Two days ago the website for the upcoming multimedia Queen’s Blade project, Queen’s Blade: Unlimited, became active online. Although the website still has several greyed out links (Anime, Figures, and Goods), it is currently populated with character information, a very lengthy description of the new project’s first episode (Episode 1: Journey of Elina), and a single tweet from their newly created Twitter account:

Queen’s Blade is a media franchise that has blossomed into a popular animated adaptation of the visual combat books, all published by Hobby Japan. The show is known for it’s fan-service action combat sequences and seemingly endless storyline in which female warriors fight to be crowned the most beautiful and powerful lady in the land. These warriors duke it out with each other in a battle that occurs once every four years to determine the “Queen of the Continent”. Queen’s Blade: Unlimited is the fourth animation instalment in the franchise and will presumably anchor a corresponding figure line. 

Queen’s Blade: Unlimited is set to kick off properly on July 7. Additional details and information about the upcoming project can be found on the website here.

Image Source: Queen’s Blade

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