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Shigenori Soejima Talks Character Design

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Recently PixiVision, a Japanese creative website, published an interview for their #DESKWATCH project with character designer Shigenori Soejima from Atlus, most well kown for his work on the Persona series. PixiVision’s #DESKWATCH project aims to showcase creators from various mediums, their work environment, tools, and the creative processes that are used to bring their works to life.

PixiVision shares creative content selected by their editorial team, curating content such as drawing tutorials, recommended music and original interviews for #DESKWATCH.

The interview details Soejima’s career at Atlus, while also discussing his work setup, the Atlus work environment, working with an internal team versus freelance work, and his thoughts on design in general. Pictures of Atlus’ PSTUDIO and Soejima’s workspace are also littered throughout the interview. One interesting excerpt from the interview regarding Soejima’s thoughts on design reads:

“A thing I realized when I entered this company is that even if you’re good at drawing, that doesn’t mean you will make a good character designer. Competitions inside the company can get pretty harsh, but sometimes it can happen that designs from people who can’t draw end up being adopted.”

The full interview is of decent length, and it’s quite interesting reading Soejima’s thoughts and hearing about Atlus’ work environment.  You can read the full interview here.

Image Source: Atlus

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